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Logic Me This: The Slippery Slope

Logic Me This is a regular series on Teen Skepchick where we examine various logical fallacies in an attempt to help you think more like a skeptic.

This week’s fallacy is the Slippery Slope fallacy. This fallacy is usually used by people who are arguing against social change in one form or another, who say that if we allow X, X leads to Y so really we are allowing Y.

This type of argument has the potential to not be fallacious if you are able to give some evidence for why X must lead to Y. But usually there isn’t much (or any) evidence to support this.

I’ve heard from many believers that “Atheism leads to Nihilism” (or words to that effect), with zilch by way of an explanation as to why. I’m sure you could find a plethora of Atheists who could argue for the falseness and falliciousness of such a claim.

Other examples include arguing that if Marijuana is legalised then that paves the way for other drugs to be legalised. Or if gay marriage is legalised, then other kinds of marriage could follow soon after. SMBC theater shows us how this works:

SMBC Theater: Slippery Slope

So there you go! Don’t slip up.

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