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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.25

The Clamoring for Cash edition

The problems with financing science. “Not only does the current system make inefficient use of scientists’ time, it discourages precisely the kind of research that can most advance our knowledge. Many politicians go so far as to accuse scientists—particularly in politically contentious areas such as climate science—of cooking data to win government grants. They have yet to produce any evidence to support these claims, however. The real problem is more subtle. Inundated with proposals, agencies tend to favor worthy but incremental research over risky but potentially transformative work. Nobelist Mario R. Capecchi and other prominent scientists say they had trouble getting grants to make their breakthroughs. In 2009 a New York Times article quoted leading cancer researchers who said the war on cancer would make more progress if funders took more risks.” (via Scientific American)

Scientific myths in illustrated graph form. Today: ADHD and Food Coloring. (via now for the science bit)

Church in Kentucky says if gays can’t marry, no one can. (via Think Progress)

R.I.P. Elizabeth Sladen, a.k.a. Doctor Who’s Sarah Jane Smith. (via Neatorama)

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