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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 5.2

The RU-BY RHOD! edition

How sci-fi makes us more accepting of different conceptions of sex and sexuality. “Sci-fi sex is fun to talk about, of course, but how can all of that help us understand the actual future of humanity? Simply put: we imagine what we hope to see. So the question is: what is it we imagine and hope for? An utter free-for-all of alien-cyborg-A.I. bacchanalia? I don’t think so. Instead, sci-fi is teaching the diversity of our own human sexuality back to us.” (via Science Not Fiction)

A father stands up to this daughter’s would-be rapists…and wins. (via A Gay Girl in Damascus)

A slideshow of flooding during the Bangladeshi wet season. (via NPR)

A U.S. Court of Appeals gives the thumbs up to embryonic stem cell research. (via CNN)

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