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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 5.3

The OBL No Longer MIA edition

How science makes sure Osama bin Laden is really dead. “Now, I’m not entirely sure what DNA analysis has been done, but I can say this for certain—whatever method they used could be completed in a matter of hours given a lab ready to go and focused solely on this. Using commonplace PCR methods—which, for the record, is what I use in my lab every day—Bin Laden could easily be ID’d faster than you’d think. Heck, I can get DNA from a fish and turn it into sequences or genotypes in 24 hours, so I think the US government can work faster than me when time is of the essence. Allow me to explain how they could do it so quickly.”(via Scientific American)

Website dedicated to women in planetary science. (via Bad Astronomy)

Some random guy accidently live-tweets the raid that killed bin Laden. (via Time Magazine)

Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship. (via Comic Alliance)

Image credit: Daquella manera

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