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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 5.5

The Hoping Rule 1 Holds edition

Robots look out for their own. We’re dead. We’re all dead. “Each test consisted of 500 generations of eight robots. To mimic what might happen in nature, the successful robots from each generation were ‘randomly assorted and subjected to crossovers and mutations…forming the next generation,’ the researchers explained. And although the 33 ‘genes’ were randomly distributed at first, ‘the robots’ performance rapidly increased over the 500 generations of selection,’ the researchers noted. And along with acuity at collecting the food, “the level of altruism also rapidly changed over generations,’ with those robots around more closely ‘related’ individuals becoming the most altruistic.” (via Scientific American)

Twelve tropes of the wedding rom-com. (via Vulture)

How to avoid spreading misinformation. (via Lifehacker)

Confronting the nerd stereotype. (via Bitch Magazine)

Image credit: Sebastian Lund

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