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Draw Muhammad Day!

I am unforgivably late in posting this, but today is Draw Muhammad Day! If you are unfamiliar with this day, you should watch the video embedded below. Suffice it to say that a few years ago a Danish newspaper published a cartoon of Muhammad, the prophet on which Islam is founded. The snag is that depictions of Muhammad are not allowed under Islam. So people went kind of nuts. Like, violent nuts.

Draw Muhammad Day was started in response as a defense of free speech and a rejection of the use of intimidation and threats of violence to silence those with whom we may not agree. Plus, it’s fun to draw stick figures in Paint (see my contribution above).

If you want to get involved, just watch the video. It provides directions on what to do. It’s important to realize that this is not about discriminating against Muslims, and the pictures should not be offensive. It’s about standing up for the right to question everything, and recognizing the role free speech plays in that – even if it is deemed offensive by some.

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