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The FDA Farts in a Winery’s General Direction

There is a lot of woo out there, from the anti-vaccine crowd to the charlatans who trick the vulnerable they are speaking to long-lost loved ones, I can hardly go a day without encountering one ridiculous claim or another. But at the end of last week, the federal government decided to put an end to one of those claims.

The Food and Drug Administration has seized a bunch of elderberry juice products from a Kansas winery because the products were misbranded and unapproved drugs.

And how! The FDA says that Wyldewood Cellars has been claiming that it’s elderberry juice and wines can treat the flu, cancer, and AIDS.

AIDS, people! Where has this magical juice been hiding for 30 years? Needless to say, the FDA says these claims are not approved by that government agency.

The FDA says that Wyldewood Cellars are making these claims in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which is designed to maintain the safety of those products.

Evidently, this winery was warned in 2006 to stop making such outlandish claims. In response to this initial warning, the owner of Wyldewood says they changed the product labels.

Whether or not Wyldewood complied in 2006 will come out in the court proceedings. But, if what the FDA is accusing Wyldewood of doing it correct, then the winery was involved in some truly atrocious acts. Who knows how many people tried to treat their cancer with elderberry juice, or believed delayed diabetes their treatment. Unfounded medical claims are dangerous and can cost actual human lives.

I feel better knowing that someone is looking out for consumers. But this also serves as a reminder it’s important to do your own research and if a claim is too good to be true, then it probably is.

On the other hand, I can’t hear the world “elderberry” without thinking of these English pig-dogs.

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