One Day A Taniwha…

I popped up for a bit of air in the midst of exam craziness this week, and happened to find this peculiar news story.

Most of that is probably nonsense to the average reader, so let me explain. The Taniwha is a creature from Maori Mythology. READ: Fictional Creature. Inspiration for the songs of my childhood. Good for scaring small children into not straying too far on a family outing. And now, apparently, good for trying to put the spanner in the works of a construction plan you don’t like.

A rail-loop is in the planning stages for Auckland City CBD. Which means, as I understand it, that people usually have the chance to put in submissions (of support, or objection) to the City Council.

So, of all the legitimate objections that could be raised to such a project, the Maori Statutory Board has decided to bring up : “Taniwha lived in the area of Auckland’s proposed rail loop route.”

“As kaitiaki, or guardians, they protect people, but they also get up and bite you if they do not like what you are doing,” Mr Wilcox said.

To which I say: Does the Taniwha not like what they are doing, Mr. Wilcox, or do you not like what they are doing?

And now the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, has been forced into the row, who after being asked if he believed in them, said:

“I’ve got to say not overly, no. I respect people’s spiritual beliefs but I’m not a great believer in them.”

I have nothing more insightful to add to this other than: Seriously?

Image Credit: TeAra Encyclopedia

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  1. June 10, 2011 at 4:41 pm —

    Don’t they still try to appease the leprechauns in Ireland every time they build something? Or something.

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