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Hey all! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve had a fun word post. A new job means I’ve been busybusybusy, but I’m BACK, with a couple websites for you to browse at your leisure that are full of interesting and weird words.

The first of these delightful sites is over here and it’s simply a dictionary of weird and interesting words. I think my favorite is doodle sack!

“No a doodle sack is not a child’s backpack full of crayons, a starving artist’s pathetic portfolio, or an impolite term for Santa Claus found loafing on the job with a half-empty goody bag.

doodle sack is an old English word meaning a bagpipe.”

The second website is over here, part of a larger site of numbers and words. It’s got some interesting entries, not the least of which is its namesake, logorrhea log-uh-RI-uh, n an excessive flow of words, prolixity.

Finally, a query to you all. I’ve recently been reading a book by David Foster Wallace called Broom of the System. One character thinks that all that our lives are is what we tell about them. Another wonders how we are any different from people in stories-we are each defined by what is told about us. I’m absolutely fascinated by this idea, and I was wondering your thoughts. Does this sound like complete woo woo to you, or do you believe that we are in part created by the words other people use about us?

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  1. June 23, 2011 at 8:05 pm —

    Heh heh Dudelsack is the German word for bagpipes, it was the source of much hilarity with an exchange student friend a few years ago.

    I am inclined to say woo woo, but I do think there is a grain of truth to it. I do think we start to fulfill others perceptions, plus our legacy is defined by what others say about us.

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