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Neil deGrasse Tyson is very serious about a Pulitzer for The Onion

For the clueless/foreigners among us, The Onion is a delightful little parody newspaper; self-proclaimed “America’s Finest News Source.” Recently, the publication has started a campaign to win a Pulitzer Prize. Here is the form letter that you, a concerned citizen, can send to the Pulitzer committee, those “ignorant, negligent swine.” And here is an interview from NPR on why the publication should receive the prize.

This campaign is not without it’s supporters. In fact, supporters of this effort so far include Neil Gaiman, Tom Hanks, Ricky Gervais, Glenn Beck (!), Ira Glass and many others. (Warning: Ira’s video is totes NSFW. Like, shockingly so.) And now The Onion can add another illustrious name to the ranks: Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s delightful, as always, and this has really made my weekend.

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  1. June 24, 2011 at 6:32 pm —

    He makes me swoon.

  2. June 24, 2011 at 7:43 pm —

    Me too! Also, I think it’s weird and hilarious that this has become some kind of cause célèbre. Syria, Yemen, Libya, who cares! The Onion needs an award!

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