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Pop Quiz: Zoos

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m trying to figure out some things to do outside. On thing I simultaneously enjoy and hate is going to zoos.

I love zoos, but I also have a philosophical problem with them. On the one hand, I love seeing animals that I would never otherwise get a chance to see: polar bears, orangutans, elephants, etc. I love trying to get as close as I can to peafowl before I get too scared and run away. (Beaks are sharp!)

But on the other hand, I can’t help but feel really bad for the animals. Especially with apes, I have a hard time looking them in eye, both metaphorically and literally. I can’t help but think, “This tiger doesn’t belong here,” or “That elephant looks bored.” I know that I can’t judge these things accurately through my human point of view, but it’s really hard not to. So…

How do you feel about zoos? Do the benefits outweigh the harms? Or is that even the right question to ask? Do I anthropomorphize too much? Tell us!

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