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Happy 4th of July!!! This post is aimed mostly at the American skepchicks out there, as today is our independence day, and the subjects of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution bring up a variety of conflicting opinions. For this post, I want to address the claim that America is a Christian Nation. This is a narrative that many conservatives have been telling for years now, but if we look at the actual facts of our history, the Founding Fathers made it clear that we are not and should not be a Christian Nation. Kenneth Davis has a good overview of the original opinions about church and state, including a good deal of primary source evidence from the Founding Fathers’ actual writings. Essentially the people who wrote our Constitution very purposefully avoided including religion in their writings, and where they did include it they made sure to specify that religion should not be linked to government in any way.

However despite  these facts many people seem to assert that being an atheist is unpatriotic. We often see uber-Christians wrapping themselves in the flag, and opposing Muslim and other non-Christian countries on the basis that these places are un-American because of their religious beliefs. Well, the American Atheists have it on good evidence that being an atheist is patriotic. So this 4th be proud of your atheism and know that your right to not practice religion is an integral part of our freedoms.

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