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  1. September 5, 2011 at 9:56 pm —

    Ouch. I really wish I hadn’t read that DTWS link. Until now, the worst I’d heard was “are they going to partner Chaz with a man or a woman?”… that kind of stuff was certainly facepalm worthy, but this “bodily mutilation” and “confused about what sex they are” (um…I’m pretty sure Chaz knows exactly what gender he is and isn’t confused at all), those kinds of comments cut like a knife. It sucks that every step forward for trans awareness is always met with this huge wave of bigotry and hatred. I can’t even read about such little successes without having to see all this bile and venom. It’s sad.

    I do find it sort of interesting, though, how trans men have suddenly become visible in the media after being totally erased and ignored for so long. The old paradigm used to be that trans women were culturally visible, but almost entirely in the context of being ridiculed, pathologized, sexually objectified, degraded or held up as objects of pity. Trans men, on the other hand, had both the blessing and curse of just being ignored; being culturally invisible and the media acting like they simply don’t exist. Is it a bad or a good thing that that paradigm is changing? What does it suggest about changing views on transgenderism? On trans men? What does it suggest about changing views on gender? Or on the relative value of male vs. female, masculinity vs. femininity?

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