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Tropes vs. Women is a fabulous series of YouTube videos produced by Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency for Bitch Magazine. I’ve posted before about The Evil Demon Seductress Trope. The latest installment of these videos is the “Straw Feminist”.

I think this video is excellent, not least because it brings up one of my absolute favourite TV shows– Veronica Mars. I absolutely love Veronica as a character; I think she is smart, sassy, and quite the skeptic! I’ve lately gotten a couple of my flatmates hooked on the show, but as we have been working our way through season 3, I’ve become increasingly annoyed at how the feminists in this show are portrayed. They aren’t very nice. They raise many legitimate concerns that feminists have, yet their actions are portrayed as extremist and militant, and they even fake a rape. Not cool, I say!

It is such a shame, because Veronica Mars is a very feminist character, and the show as a whole does a lot to deal with race and gender issues. Yet in the story arc involving feminists the writers work so hard to distance themselves from the feminist movement. This portrayal of extremist feminists doesn’t exactly do much to encourage more people to identify themselves as feminist.

Anyway, Anita does a much better job explaining than I ever could, so enjoy the video!
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Credit: Feminist Frequency (Transcript can also be found at the link.)
Image Credit: Google Images

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