Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: Fright Night

Suspension of Disbelief is a weekly feature, in which we review movies, books, TV shows, and other popular culture for the skeptical teen.

This week I review Fright Night the remake… I also saw Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark but it was so incredibly bad that I simply couldn’t torture myself by thinking about it again…

Movie Title: Fright Night
Director: Craig Gillespie
Remake: Fright Night from 1985
Starring: Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin (aka Chekov from Star Trek!) and David Tennant

Seriously though – Don’t see Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark… It was so horrible… Like… I was bored and not scared and super disappointed because I was ready for some good ol’ fashion scarin’ and it SUCKED. The things in the dark are these creatures that want children’s teeth and … are just stupid looking. Don’t see it.

Anyway! Review…

Picture Cred: Kiss 92.5

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