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The Daily Show Shows Why Critical Thinking is a Necessary Life Skill

I finally got caught up on last week’s episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (Thank you, Internet!) One segment caught my eye was entitled “Wayne’s World,” and it covered the fantasy world in which the leader of NRA Wayne LaPierre lives. Specifically, Stewart pointed out that, despite the fact that the only piece of legislation President Obama signed was one the NRA supported, LaPierre still maintains that Obama is the worst thing for gun ownership since…well, just the worst thing to ever happen to gun ownership.

This is what I love about The Daily Show. Watch the video. How many of the people LaPierre was talking to would take the time to look up the facts? I am betting not many. But what The Daily Show demonstrates is that critical thinking and skepticism is not just for science nerds. It’s a skill necessary to make good, informed decisions. While The Daily Show certainly skews to the political left (at least by American standards), it demonstrates something that everyone can benefit from: always question.

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  1. October 7, 2011 at 5:59 am —

    From memory – “As we all know, reality has a liberal bias.” – Stephen Colbert

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