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Speak Your Mind: Love Your Body

Today, Oct. 19, is Love Your Body Day. It’s a day started by the National Organization for Women Foundation that encourages women and girls to fight the pressure to be physically “perfect” and love themselves for who they are. (Full disclosure: I was an intern for the NOW Foundation in 2008.) This year they are asking people to make videos that discuss your body image issues and the beauty-obsessed culture. You can watch the videos on their website.

Love Your Body Day is a day to remind ourselves that, no matter what we look like, we are beautiful and valuable human beings. And everybody should know it!

What are you doing for Love Your Body Day? Did you even know about it? What do you do to make yourself feel good? How do you feel about when you see flawless models in advertisements? What do you do to counteract this omnipresent cultural message?

Featured image credit: NOW Foundation

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