Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! The Blood Red Moon Edition

Oh hello. What are you doing here? You weren’t raptured? Yeah, me neither. We’re such heathens. Oh well! That just means we don’t have to share these sa-weet tunes. 

In honor of Rapture Day 2.0, I thought I’d share a song by Kentucky/UK band Cage the Elephant. It’s from their 2008 eponymous debut album. The song is called “Soil to Sun,” and it uses some pretty stark Book of Revelation imagery (e.g. moon the color of blood, dead rising from the grave). At first, the song seems to be about someone who believes the apocalypse has been revealed to him via a dream. But if you listen, the song really praises the value of thinking for yourself and rejecting dogma. Also? It totally rocks. Enjoy, and Happy Rapture Day, everyone!

Cage the Elephant on Twitter and Facebook.

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Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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