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Speak Your Mind: All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween was never a big thing at my house growing up, although I always wanted it to be. Instead of trick-or-treating in a sweet costume, my parents would just buy my brother and me a bag of candy. Granted, for a lot of my childhood we didn’t live in the greatest neighborhood, but I still feel like I missed out on something.

But it wasn’t just the trick-or-treating. My costumes were always pretty dull. I went to a Catholic school. For my first year we got to wear costumes of our choice, but soon after that the powers-that-be decided that, instead of ghouls or superheroes, we had to dress up as saint. Saints. These costumes invariably consisted of my dad’s bathrobe and towel-cum-veil. One year I got to be an angel, complete with angel wings and halo. But still, not really my first choice.

Because my Halloween history is so disappointing, I have to experience the joys of this haunted holiday vicariously.

What are you Halloween plans? Do you have a favorite costume? What were your school Halloween parties like? Did you carve ridiculously intricate Jack-o-lanterns? What do you like about Halloween? What do you not like?

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