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Speak Your Mind: There are sooooo many people!

According the United Nations, this past week the Earth became host to seven billion people! Seven. Billion. People. I can’t even contemplate that many people. It seems like not too long ago that there were only six billion people. Aw…we grow up so fast.

For centuries people like Thomas Malthus have been warning about the imminent demise of the human race because of overpopulation. And yet we’re still here. Farming practices have gotten more efficient, so even though there are certainly areas of the world with not enough to eat, we are by and large not starving to death. But there is something visceral about the thought that we might lose our one and only home to environmental degradation because we’ve overloaded the planet.

Do you think population growth is a problem? How do you think this population increase will effect how we develop the planet? Do we need to start curbing population growth? If so, how? Do you think farming technology will keep pace with the human population?

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