Happy Carl Sagan Day!

November 9th would be the 77th Anniversary of the birth of Carl Sagan, Astrophysicist and Science Communicator extraordinaire. This day is celebrated around the world as Carl Sagan Day.

Carl Sagan was a Professor of Astronomy and Space Science and Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University, but most of us know him as a Pulitzer Prize winning author and the creator of COSMOS. That Emmy and Peabody award-winning PBS television series transformed educational television when it first aired in 1980, but now, thirty years later, it’s gone on to affect the hearts and minds of over a billion people in sixty countries.

No other scientist has been able to reach and teach so many nonscientists in such a meaningful way, and that is why we celebrate Dr. Sagan, remember his work, and revel in the cosmos he helped us understand.

So, celebrate Carl Sagan day! Watch Cosmos (Or if you don’t have a box set on hand, Pale Blue Dot), make an apple pie from scratch, or just contemplate the wonders of the universe!

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Happy Carl Sagan Day!

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