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Speak Your Mind: Two is the Loneliest Number

A new study suggests that, despite hundreds of friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, most Americans have only two close friends. They define close friends as someone the participants had discussed “important matters” with. This number has gone down, from three close friends 25 years ago. The number of people claiming to have zero confidants hasn’t increased, which is good news because that means we as a society are probably not becoming more socially isolated as many feared.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of relieved by this finding. I’ve never been able to handle more than two close friends at a time. Or maybe I just tell myself that because, in reality, nobody likes me. Nah. It’s definitely the former.

Does this study ring true for you? How big or small is your social circle? Do school and other activities keep you from socializing as much as you’d like? Have social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter changed the way you classify your friends?

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