Beyond Disturbing

I just learned who “Creep Chan” is and I was pretty disturbed by her (seriously, why is she so weird?). But then, I read about crotchless panties for 7 year old girls. I kid you not. Someone was out shopping and they stumbled upon crotchless panties in a little girl store.

They have this store here in Canada called La Senza, and it sells sexy underwear, bras and pj’s for women. Most of the clothes are completely useless in terms of function, the bras break in like a day and the pj’s usually rip within like a week. Anyway… A couple years ago they launched La Senza Girl, which is targeted, mostly, towards teens but also caters to younger, prepubescent girls as well.  There was a pretty big controversy about the store when it launched because of the sexual nature of the regular La Senza stores.

Over the past few years La Senza girl has changed a bit and now it’s usually a bit more difficult to find thongs for kids and usually they just have fun pj’s and underwear. I think it’s inappropriate to sell thongs to 12 year olds, but not to 18 year olds – who are also “teens”, which the store is supposed to cater to… so I guess I sort of get it. If the world were perfect it would be full of great parents that educate their children about sex, sexuality and sexualization – but that doesn’t happen, so I’m a little iffy on the thongs for teens thing.

The question here is how much do thongs *actually* sexualize a young girl? Is it inappropriate for a 13 year old to wear one? What about 14, 15, 16? If I had a daughter I would feel a bit awkward if I found out she was wearing a thong at age 13, but 16? I wouldn’t be weirded out, but I’m the sort of person who would have had the “talk” with her already. And who are these girls wearing the thongs for?

But you know… Leave it to Americans to one-up Canadians.

I’m seriously trying to think of another use for crotchless panties besides giving easy access to the sexual organs of a girl. I mean… I guess it sort of makes it faster to pee? But you’re already pulling your pants down, so the underwear usually isn’t that much more work. And that’s why this is wrong, disturbing and should be a huge issues for mothers.

At least a thong is a trend. I personally don’t find them appealing or comfortable but I know a lot of girls that swear by them, and that’s cool. I don’t, however, have any friends that swear by their crotchless panties, how comfortable they are and how they definitely don’t make a mess in your underwear if you happen to get a surprise period.

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