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Speak Your Mind: Freedom of Tweets

Social networking makes it really easy to let everyone know what your opinion on everything is. For most people, though, we still live in relative anonymity. As someone who lives online I know how hard it can be to get noticed. That is, unless you insult my darling governor, Sam Brownback.

High school student Emma Sullivan tweeted: “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot” to her 65 followers. But Gov. Brownback’s staff found this tweet, and acted like adults. Oh wait, no they didn’t. They called Emma’s school. The school wanted Emma to write a letter of apology to the governor. Emma, quite rightly IMO, refused.

Good for her, I say! Brownback’s office issued a statement apologizing to Emma, saying that they overreacted, and the school is no longer seeking a letter of apology. However, this hasn’t all ended too wall for Emma, because even though she’s not being bullied by the governor anymore, she’s being bullied by her classmates.

Should Emma apologize? Was the school right in punishing her? Would you have apologized? Do students have a right to tweet? Is Brownback a thin-skinned crybaby?

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