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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Science in Music Edition

When I was in primary school I would come home every day, plant myself in front of the television and watch Bill Nye the Science Guy. I loved that show so freaking much. It exposed me – a Catholic school girl – to the concept of pseudo-science for the first time. I knew how people laid on beds of nails and walked over hot coals well before any of my classmates. Sure, it wasn’t knowledge that in and of itself was useful to a second-grader, but it showed me that everything has an explanation, and that explanation is in all likelihood not metaphysical. A valuable lesson, to be sure. 

Bill Nye was also the inspiration for this feature, because at the end of every episode was a parody song using that day’s topic. (This parody of “The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get” by Morrissey has always been one of my favorites.) Mostly, they are between a minute and a minute and a half, but sometimes they hit the two minute mark. One song in particular seems especially apropos. Today’s featured tune is “There’s Science in Music.” I know, right! Perfect.

Happy Friday, everyone!

You can follow Bill Nye on Twitter.

Want more music? Check out Lab Tracks at Mad Art Lab!

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