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A Bit of Self-Congratulatory Back-Slapping

Last night, Teen Skepchick unlocked an achievement.

Sometimes big milestones pass, and we don’t even notice. Other times, we obsess over them. My modus operandi tends to fall in with the latter category. I am proud to tell you that Teen Skepchick, under cover of darkness (at least for me), zoomed past 100,000 total views!

W00t! The crowd goes wild!

Because I have the pleasure of being the managing editor of this fine website, I could take all the credit. But I think we all know that would be absurd. There are two classes of people that deserve 99.9% of the credit.

First, the Teen Skepchick writers, past and present. They work really hard to put out some top-quality product, which they do week after week. They are constantly contributing to my Imposter Syndrome, but even so I’m very proud of them.

But second, and most importantly, are you, the readers. You’ve come back day after day and left wonderful comments. If I may state the obvious, without you we would never have made it this far. I wish I could high five every one of you. But I can’t. So please accept these as a replacement:

Thanks to everyone that made this possible. Of all the people who rock, you rock the hardest.

P.S. Also thanks to Rebecca, Skepchick’s fearless leader. Without her, none of this would exist.

Awesome Liz Lemon gif found here.

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