Watch me save the world in two easy steps!

Yesterday evening I read an open letter to the men of the skeptic community from an atheist woman, Mallorie Nasrallah. Jen McCreight at Blag Hag sums up the letter perfectly:

I’m a woman who doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the skeptic community, therefore all those other women who complain are humorless, overemotional, and anti-sex. Don’t listen to them, listen to me because I’m part of the boy’s club!

But then I got to thinking, maybe this Mallorie is on to something. Just think about how many global problems can be eradicated by just declaring it a non-problem because I haven’t personally experienced it! This is revolutionary. I could save the world single handedly. Let’s see how many I can think of off the top of my head.

I have someplace to sleep every night, therefore homelessness is not a problem.

I have never been been the butt of a racial slur, so racism is not a problem.

British colonialism has worked out pretty well for me, so I all those lingering effects in other parts of the world are probably exaggerated/made up.

I went to college (law school, even!), so illiteracy and access to education isn’t a problem.

I have access to sanitary pads and tampons and indoor plumbing, so women across the world who don’t have that access should just suck it up.

I have enough food to eat, so food insecurity is not a problem.

I have never been the butt of a homophobic slur, so homophobia isn’t a problem.

I was not forced to marry someone twice my age, so the prevalence of child brides is not a problem.

I don’t know a child who has suffered a preventable illness because of lost herd immunity, so the anti-vax movement is not a problem.

That’s all I have time to think of right now. (It’s my day to clean the kitchen, and I think I found a couple shows on Netflix that I haven’t seen yet.) But here’s some unsolicited advice from Auntie Mindy: Empathy and skepticism are not mutually exclusive. You would do well to develop both traits.

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