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Speak Your Mind: Get Your Caucus On

If you live in the United States, then I bet you’ve heard something or other about the Iowa caucuses. Actually, you’ve probably heard something about them if live anywhere with functioning Internet, television, or radio. (If, for some reason, you want to more about this caucus stuff and why Iowa gets to be first, you can watch this and read this. As someone who hails from a caucus state, I can tell you that they are pretty rad.)

All this political news got me thinking. I’m pretty open about being a bleeding heart leftist. In many ways I think this is a direct effect of being a skeptic. You know what they say: Reality has a liberal bias.

But if you take even a superficial look at the skeptics movement it’s easy to see that we are hardly a homogenous group. It would seem that while you can’t have your own facts, what you make of those facts can vary widely.

How does your skepticism inform your political positions? Do you think the political positions you take can be attributable to you skepticism? Given a political climate (at least in the U.S.) that promotes faith and dogma above all else, is simply being a skeptic a political position?

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  1. January 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm —

    I think we have to apply our skeptic lens to politics if we want to make good decisions. Politicians across the spectrum are commercials for themselves and their ideas. If we don’t view what they say with a critical eye (or I guess, listen with a critical ear)we can be lead to believe even those things that are the absolute worst for us.
    Like every position worth adopting, our political views should withstand the application of scrutiny and reason.

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