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Suspension of Disbelief: Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

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Despite having a pretty wonderful and charming cast the new Sherlock Holmes movie fell a bit short. What made the first movie pretty decent was ignored in this film – maybe so it would appeal to a larger audience. Regardless of the reasoning for making the new film way more action packed it basically ruined the Sherlock-feel of the movie. Read on for the full review!

Robert Downy Jr. as Sherlock

Hi Everyone! My video camera on my computer is being a bit jerky and making the sound not match up with the video… I need to fix it. But it was a little irritating to watch so I decided to just type out what I was saying… which is really too bad because my hair looks cute today.

This week I went and saw Sherlock Holmes and I should start by admitting that I don’t really know a lot about the Sherlock franchise. I’ve read one of the books and I saw the first movie in this series, but that’s about it, besides what I’ve picked up from pop culture and the internetz.

This movie! Robert Downey Junior plays Sherlock and does a brilliant job. I am a big RDJ fan, completely adore the Iron Man films and I think he’s equally as …uncharming-charming… in this film, if you know what I mean. This movie is Sherlock’s fight with his intellectual rival, Professor James Moriarty. So I expected some more battle of wits type stuff. So I was ultimately disappointed by their conflict.

Things I did like:

My favourite thing about the first movie were those slow-mo fight scenes where he would explain what he was going to do to the person when he beat them up. There was a lot more of those in this film. There was a lot more slow-mo in general, and I think slow-mo is really awesome when it is used effectively. It was used brilliantly in this film.

RDJ and Jude law were absolutely irresistible in this film. They have this really fun quasi-gay relationship in the movie that is just simply great. There is a scene where Sherlock is dressed in drag and tells Watson “come lay with me” and a few other very lovey-dovey scenes. This relationship was great to see on the big screen where they were just totally comfortable with one another and really dependant on one another. Loved it.

This story was also a bit faster paced than the first one – which is good and bad. The first one was slower because of the nature of the story… a story that I think was substantially better. But this one the story was much more action based and was much faster paced, so if you were bored with the first one you may find this one slightly more entertaining *if* you want to sacrifice good story for action.

Things I didn’t like:

This fun intellectual wit that Sherlock is supposed to have, because he is so smart and socially unacceptable, is missing in this movie. He’s still really smart and funny but the first one had this smashing of superstition in it – stickin’ it to the magic and proving it wrong with a logical explanation. There was none of that in this. Instead Sherlock is predicting events that I don’t think he really could predict with the information that he has. It just made the plot seem really less likely to happen. I understand that he is supposed to be really smart, but it just didn’t make any sense. Instead of unravelling this superstition filled story – it was a cat and mouse chase that was way less interesting.

The banter between all of the main characters is really farfetched – I get that it’s Hollywood and banter is necessary in Hollywood but this time it was just irritating and got old within the first half an hour. The first one didn’t have this issue. There was banter but it was kept to a minimum.

It wasn’t a detective movie – it was an action film… which is fine! If you want to see a good action film, go see it. If you want to see a good detective movie, then don’t go and see it.

Overall… it was entertaining. But it strays way too far from being a detective film and instead is just another action film for the masses. The first one was good for sceptical thinkers to watch someone have to fight with ghosts and magic to show that it’s all tricks and math. This movie played too much into people wanting action.

I’ll give it 2.5 Jude-Law-RDJ-Love-Scenes out of 5.

Can we start a countdown for The Avengers?

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