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Saving My Hymen For Jesus

So I’ve posted before about the ridiculousness that is the religious obsession with virginity and “purity”. A couple of days ago Feministing posted about Jessica Valenti (and Sarah, one of the awesome girls whose video I featured last week!) starring on Anderson Cooper, talking about ‘Purity Balls’ and all of those sorts of things.

I very much agree with Lori from Feministing when she says:

I think Jess did a great job of communicating clearly and rationally why purity balls hurt women without attacking or shaming the young women who were on stage with her.

But sometimes, if you want to communicate how ridiculous and harmful something is, you can’t go past a bit of satire. So here I give you: Saving My Hymen for Jesus.

(From Katie Goodman and Broad Comedy)

Featured image from YouTube.

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