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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! The Bad-Ass [email protected]#%ing Fractal Edition

Hello lovelies! Are you ready to rock? Of course you are. Because you’re fabulous.

This week’s song comes from Jonathan Coulton. He’s written songs on a variety of topics, from biology, to astronomy, to the zombie apocalypse. Today we’re featuring a song on math called “Mandlebrot Set” from his 2004 EP When Tradition Meets Tomorrow. The song is named for the late Benoit Mandelbrot, who is considered to be the father of fractal geometry. Not your typical musical topic, but that does not make it unworthy. 

Note: Parts of “Manelbrot Set” actually describes the procedure that generates the Julia Set. But the song is still awesome. Enjoy!

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Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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