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Suspension of Disbelief: Beka Cooper

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Series Title: The Legend of Beka Cooper
Books:  Terrier, Bloodhound, and Mastiff
Genre: Young adult fiction, Fantasy
Author: Tamora Pierce

Review: Rebekah Cooper was born a street rat, living in the slums of the capital city. At a young age, however, her talents in gathering information and tracking individuals, combined with her fierce sense of right and wrong, allow her to enter the Provost’s Guard (nicknamed the Dogs) as soon as she is old enough. Here, she begins training to protect the people she grew up with from those that would take advantage of her… and in doing so, proves herself to be one of the most successful of the Dogs ever.

One feature I have always liked of Tamora Pierce’s work is her strong female leads. Beka is no exception to this. Despite her magical Gift, which gives her sources of information unavailable to her cohorts in the Guard, all of her successes are achieved through her own work and determination. The narration of the story is also interesting, as it is written as Beka’s journal, chronicling her time in the Guard. It reveals her fears, hopes, struggles, and determination. She is also a very critical character, using observation and deduction to eke out crimes and conspiracies within the world of Tortall. Just this character alone was enough to make me love the series, but the books are a great read outside of that aspect as well. It’s a very long series (each of the three books is about 1000 pages long), but the story was engaging enough to pull me in and read the whole series in a matter of days. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a mix of adventure, mystery, and strong female role models.

4 out of 5 batons

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