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It’s almost spring! Tomorrow marks the beginning of March and for those of us still in school it’s smack in the middle of application and decision season: summer jobs, internships, colleges, grad schools…now is the time to decide what’s going on in the next piece of your life if you’re graduating, or to find out how your summer will be spent. Now I am no expert on making perfect life decisions, but I thought I’d do what I can to help out my lovely blog readers and highlight some cool summer opportunities for y’all that relate to skepticism and feminism. Primarily these are internships, but I tried to find one or two for the younger set as well. If you’re lucky I may even give you soon to be high school graduates some advice on college (because no one else is doing that right now). But first, internships!

The Center for Inquiry has two internships available for this summer, paid (huzzah!) and with lots of good opportunities for improving activist skills. This looks like a great opportunity.

The Secular Coalition for America is also looking for interns. They work to lobby for the separation of church and state, and their internship is also paid (rather cushily I might add). The deadline is coming up really soon, but if you get on it now you can still get an app in.

For those who aren’t in college, Camp Quest is a good opportunity. A summer camp focused on skepticism and freethought. A nice alternative to Bible Camp.

Similar to Camp Quest is Camp Inquiry, another summer camp that focuses on teaching children deep understanding through skepticism.

The Sally Ride Camps focus on science for girls and are offered at a variety of locations. Definitely a good opportunity to promote science and technology for the young, curious ladies.

Feminist Majority Foundation is also looking for interns to work on a variety of projects. If you’re passionate about women’s issues, there’s a ton of ways you can get involved here.

Equal Writes doesn’t have any internships of their own, but they do have a nice database of feminist focused internships, primarily in New York and DC.

Prochoice Education Project also has a database of feminist oriented internships.

For the older science-minded among us, there are internships galore if you’re willing to work for little to no money and depending upon what area your interests lie in. For the environmentally minded, the EPA has internships, for those who are interested in space, NASA has a long list of internships, and if computer science is where your interests lie, well I’m sure you don’t need my help finding an internship, but as a start, Apple has them available.

This isn’t a huge list, but it’s at least somewhere to start. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to wade through all the opportunities and find something that looks right, but there are opportunities to be found with a great deal of patience and persistence. As for those who are looking at colleges…I can say that I understand how difficult college choices are. I personally chose my college on a very scientific basis: the day before choices were due, my father walked into my room, yelled the names of my two final choices and told me to say the first one that popped into my head. That’s where I went. For those who don’t want to end up in the same boat, here’s my bit of advice. Give yourself space to change: majors, schools, friends, values…you will change during college. Don’t be afraid to follow that change. If you go in with one expectation and find you don’t like it, it is totally ok to switch it up. That means that this decision does not define you forever. That makes it feel less terrifying. On a similar note, learn to be ok with anxiety and uncertainty. We’re often taught that we need to alleviate or deal with stress. Sometimes we just have to accept that we’re uncertain or that we can’t control everything and live with that stress in our lives. Your college decision might be like that. Finally, see if you can identify your major values in life. If a college’s values match yours, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.


Good luck to all in their coming endeavors!

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