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Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Do You Know Mary Anning? Edition

Good day to you, dear Teen Skepchick readers! Are you ready for another super awesome Friday? I bet you are, so let’s get this going!

This week’s song comes courtesy of the alt-rock band Artichoke. It comes from their 2005 album 26 Scientists, Volume One: Anning-Malthus. It’s called “Mary Anning,” and it tells the story of Ms. Anning, the fossil collector and palaeontologist.  With her brother, she was the first to correctly identify an ichthyosaur skeleton when she was 12 years old.  She only lived to be 47, but she made some important discoveries. In fact, her discoveries became important pieces of evidence for extinction, which wasn’t a wildly accepted concept at the time.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video for this song, but I was able to find a link, which is included below. (If you can find a good video for the song, please pass it along!) Anyway, happy Friday, and enjoy!

Mary Anning by Artichoke.

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