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  1. March 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm —

    I actually got into an argument about faith healing the other day, of all things. I didn't realise so many people actually took that shit seriously: I was significantly outnumbered. I posted every study of intercessory prayer ever done, and was laughed at for my lack of scientific knowledge. Which was then followed by Hugh Ross's explanation of how the Genesis account of creation is perfectly matched with that described by science (whilst proceeding to completely ignore the several examples of inaccuracy in that account that I repeatedly brought up), which thus conclusively proves the existence of Jesus (apparently accuracy of Genesis is useless to Judaism, or something).
    Between this and the whole Kony thing, I have half a dozen people praying for me. I'll need it; I'm on the verge of a headdesk-induced concussion.

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