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There are few ways in this world that are as good at spreading a message from obscurity into fame (or infamy as the case may be) than Youtube; everyone's favourite google-owned medium of entertainment and home to Nerdfighteria and Mike Adams alike. Inspiration for a Youtube channel comes in many forms, often subtle, but in this particular case inspiration came from the facepalm-inducingly patronising and ignorant world that spawned 'The Secret'; a book that has sold millions of copies claiming essentially that if you want something enough, you get it.

Apparently there wasn't enough outcry about how little the universe conforms to this philosophy however, because the 'Spirit Science' series of videos concludes that this is fact in its very first video, sweeping under the rug the germ theory of disease in the process. Unfortunately for all of us who would love to be able to wish ourselves better, the germ theory of disease isn't something you just forget about because your new idea's nicer, you need evidence to call something science, something that 'Spirit Science' doesn't have.

Let's a take a leaf out of Leonardo DiCaprio's book and go deeper shall we?


Let's use Spirit Science's fourteenth video to see how they explain how this unsupported theory (of a universe that acts like playdough to our thoughts) works, and see if we can catch untruths red handed. Once we've taken a look through these, we'll take a trip to their first video and see if these 'insights' can explain the extreme implications of the series.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… INSIGHTS OF ASCENSION! 

It would seem that this video's sole reference is a book by James Redfield (no relation to my second favourite zombie slayer) called 'The Celestine Prophecy'; a book that amazon reviewers are apparently forgiving enough about its apparently poor literary style to both call the book life-changing and wonder whether the book is fictional. Well I took a look at the first few pages myself, and to be honest I haven't read anything this boring since I attempted reading through the entirety of the itunes user licence agreement. So, we're off to a good start.

Insight 1: There are no coincidences, following these 'coincidences' will start you on your path to spiritual truth.

To me this statement, although it definitely rings a bell with the new age worldview this video series is constantly pushing, displays a profound lack of interest in finding out what's really going on in the world. Strange coincidences can be a persuasive tool in arguing that there is a deeper interaction between human beings and the universe than what science claims. In fact, if we apply the 'law of truly large numbers' this effect insted demonstrates the power of probability, and how we as humans constantly underestimate its reaches.

A great example of this is, as explained on is dreaming of a plane crash, only for a plane to crash the next day.

Could this be an example of precognition?

Well, if we consider the seven billion people who will be dreaming every night, then the chances of at least one of them dreaming about a plane crash  grows far stronger than we imagine in our often self-obsessed realities, then when we consider how many dreams each person will have the probability increases significantly. When we take into account the chances of a plane crashing, due to the fact that there are so many people having so many dreams every night, it would actually be stranger if no-one saw a plane crash in their dreams.

So, since there are indeed coincidences, this myth is busted.


Insight 2: We all construct the world we live in.

The explanation for this was something along the lines with humanity having lost touch of the meaning of life and our need to get it back. What is this meaning of life you ask? We'll get to that good citizen, and you will be glad to know it makes no scientific sense.

Insight 3: The universe is made entirely of an energy that responds to how we think. Beauty is on the same wavelength as this energy and by perceiving the beauty in nature we can see auras… some people see them in different colours… some people see them in different shapes… some people can't see them at all but can only touch them… some people can't sense them at all but are pretty sure they're there… (special pleading)


Well, apparently this makes sense because 'everything is frequency and only a certain part of the electromagnetic spectrum is the aura described.'

I would note here that the infra-red part of the EM spectrum is circled in red at this point, just in case you were wondering what the universe is, because apparently it's infra-red light?

This entire 'insight' is essentially one huge misunderstanding of the way that electromagnetism presents itself in our universe. 

First of all, to say that we know everything that makes up the universe is egrigious. What about dark matter and dark energy, Two problems that we currently have no solution for? Dark energy alone consitutes over 70% of everything in the universe, and if the people who made this video know what it's made of in reality, well there are a lot of physicists who would love to talk to them.

But even ignoring that we are faced with a logical flaw in this explanation of the universe.

According to this 'insight' the entire universe is energy on one wavelength, therefore nothing that comes after that idea makes any sense. If the entire universe was indeed, energy of one wavelength, then there would be no variation in the universe, just an endless sea of uniform waveforms of photons. 

Without going from the macroscopic to the microscopic to argue just how wrong this statement is, we can see different wavelenths all around us. For every different colour we see in the world there is a different collection of wavelengths of light being reflected back off those coloured objects and into our eyes. To argue that the universe is separate from these coloured objects is to misunderstand what the universe is. 

We are part of the universe, that alone detracts from this 'insight'.

I shouldn't need to explain this to anyone, but the amount of comments on these videos hailing this as the new truth are forcing me to. Beauty does not have a wavelength. Beauty is a subjective measure of how aesthetically pleasing the world around us is. If there's anything less likely to manifest in a specific wavelength I can only assume its something as undefined as whether Lady Gaga's music is good or bad.

Or whether the word 'flip' contains within its definition an action someone would partake in 'because [they’re] worth it'.

Insight 4: Humans compete for this energy.

Insight 5: You can get energy from an infinite universe. We can share energy through love, which is the energy of God.

This explains a lot, the people who made these videos must be living in an infinite universe. I'm glad these guys are smart enough to have conclusively proven that the universe is infinite, they must be super-geniuses. 

Also the fact that the video makers seem to have conveniently forgotten about their 'religion doesn't work' comments in earlier videos, it's a shame that this otherwise flawless demonstration of mind-blowing scientific advances is otherwise dampened by this milligram of hypocrisy ain't it?

Insight 6: Asking questions and analysing answers takes away your love energy.

Did that insight just tell everyone that people who ask questions have no love to give? Wow, that's so true and totally not a way of trying to shame away any skepticism!


Insight 7: We can transform by gathering energy. Gather energy by writing down your dreams, intuition and coincidences which will answer the big questions in life.

Now, I've always seen science as the pursuit of those big questions. Have theories such as evolution and the big bang not gone a long way to answer the the ultimate questions of 'where did we come from?', 'Who are we?' and as disheartening as the answer might seem to some people; 'What is the meaning of life?'

Why then is it so easy for these people to ignore the power of real science and declare their contradictory ideas a science in themselves? 

Insight 8: We should help people.

Well there's something I can't disagree with. Although at one point a cartoon is drawn showing a stick figure telling another stick figure: 'We are the universe!' Which says to me: 'I am a decoherent photon and therefore the very fact that I'm talking is a paradox.' At which point the other stick figure responds: 'Your essence is my purity!' Which translates roughly as: 'You smell so nice I don't feel so smelly anymore!'

I won't even begin to try and debunk their explanation for falling in love.

Insight 9: By relying on intuition (basically by not thinking over our actions before we do them) we can increase our bodily vibrations to a level beyond this current plane, consciously moving into a higher frequency or dimension of our universe, literally disappearing from visual perception of people who don't, just like Jesus did. Eventually we'll vibrate highly enough to go to heaven in the fourth dimension by looking at lots of beautiful things.

I wish I was making this up.

Seriously, I'm only paraphrasing a little bit there.

This is the new age mantra combined with some Christianity for good measure, although the turning invisible to non-believers thing is new to me I've heard this explanation before, and it demonstrates ignorance of: frequency, wavelength, the universe, dimensions, Christianity, sanity, beauty, eyesight, consciousness, intuitition and a whole heap of other things that are simply ignored because the idea of this elaborate new religion is so comforting to so many people.

So can we really call any of this a science?

The simple answer is no, there is no evidence behind these claims and the threads that make up this tapestry happily break the laws of physics and deny basic scientific skepticism, therefore placing itself out of the arena of science and stealing its terms to try and make their claims look more valid than they actually are.

But I want to get back to the beginning for a second here, to the idea that we are in charge of our own reality, that we mold the universe in a way that suits us. 


Again, if you can't see this video, the URL is here:

The idea suggested here, the idea that sick people are only sick because they don't have the will to be better, or that the bullied are only bullied because they don't try hard enough to fit in is an insult to thousands of suffering people throughout the world.

And if I'm being honest here, I don't think insult is a strong enough word.

Someone who has multiple sclerosis for example, who is confined to a wheelchair and will spend their remaining years slowly losing physical ability and the power to live without a carer… is it through their own will that they slowly and painfully lose their life to a disease they didn't ask for? Is that the reality they molded with their 'vibrational energy'?

Someone who has been bullied to the point of considering suicide… did they not want to be accepted enough? Did they not work hard enough to not be driven into a situation where death seems like a nicer option than facing another day in front of people who are supposed to be their friends?


Suffering is not something you can just wish away, as much as we humans often wish it could be. Suffering is difficult and sometimes suffering only increases until we leave this earth. But I would be willing to bet that every man, woman and child with cancer, every sufferer of cystic fibrosis, every child whose life has been made into a living hell by people who are someone's 'little angels', would do anything to not have to carry those harships, would break free from their predicaments if they could, and would damn sure have enough love to give to convince the universe that they were worth saving was any of this true.

Sometimes it's fun to laugh at pseudoscience but there comes a point where some perspective is needed, and this worldview only allows those who are lucky enough to escape suffering to gloat at the belief that they're the centre of the universe and despite its 'insight' of helping others, assumes that they aren't trying hard enough to struggle towards the life that the gloater has so casually walked through.

Don't let 'Spirit Science' skulk around Youtube dressed in a lab coat and holding plastic test tubes. 

[image credits:,, uncyclopedia commons]

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Cat Strickson

Cat Strickson

Cat, or Elly, or Eddy, or whatever name they're going by these days, is a British palaeontologist and fantasy author. It's a pretty awesome skill set, but it doesn't pay much right now. They enjoy science, history, vidyagames and all things SFF.


  1. September 12, 2012 at 8:31 pm —

    I find you amazingly long winded, and quite angry.
    Also very closed minded.
    I doubt you have ever really played around much with the power of thought.
    Perhaps Spirit Science doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that hollywood can offer. Or million dollar grants to high profile universities to study.
    What it does offer, or at least to me was a form to say.. Hey I found something, can you check this out? Can you practice some of my ideas and see what you find.
    He’s just finding theories and expressing them in formats that are quick and easily digestible, and much like Buddha is saying — hey go check them out see what you can find.
    He’s asking you have you heard of chakras? Did you know about frequencies and vibration?
    Have you noticed how your thoughts can influence your day, and perhaps the moods and days around others?
    Have you practiced breathing? Understand meditation? Tired meditation?
    He’s not asking you for money, or to join any particular organization, he’s asking you to try. And all your doing is judging the format and the matter in which the content is being delivered.
    He saying opening up your mind, let go of a style of living, thinking and doing. Or what you think you know.
    And play with some thing new
    NOT ONCE does he say that he knows everything, he is simply saying what he is and his friends are finding and doing. Do you think it’s interesting? He does.
    I didn’t even bother reading much of you blog, you seem self righteous and arrogant. And I lost interest by the time i hit the 3 paragraph.
    I fully admit there are lots of questionable ideas and he leaves him self why open to be closed off.
    I think the point is, he is sharing, and he wants to see if what he finds is real to you.
    AS for your germ what ever example, if you did any peer reviewed research the power of positive thought is the MOST powerful aid in relieving any medical disorder. MAYBE not curing it. BUT THE most powerful aid, in some test the placebo pill actually works better than the cure.
    I frankly don’t care what anyone does as long as it spreads understanding that we are all connected – humans to humans, ecosystems to biospheres, bugs to animals.
    And the more we think positively, do exercises that de-stress and and bring harmony to the earth and one another.. how does it hurt. WHAT power does your blog really offer anyone?
    At least he is trying to inspire people with new ideas, and ways to help themselves with out charging a penny.
    AND creating a form, for other link minded people to share and gather and develop something more than what is right now.

    I challenge you to actually spend some time,
    practicing some of the ideas he has out there.
    Playing with rocks, sounds, studying chakras, play with vibrations.. GOOGLE MORE, listen, ask honest question with out a pig head, but and open heart. AND talk less.
    Than After a while see if you have something actually value able to say.
    HE and his group are simply sharing what they understand and experience.

    AND Everything my life experience has shown me is no matter how you slice it, your attitude makes up 90% of your reality.
    So why don’t your harp less, play more and discover the world around you.

    • September 13, 2012 at 8:39 am —

      Okay, well I thank you for starting out your critique with a barrage of insults, it’s really made me think about how wrong I was. How could chakras not exist when I’m pig headed and arrogant?

      Actually I’ve done a lot of googling on the subject and that’s largely what caused me to stop believing in chakras.

      When you ask yourself what do we know about frequencies and vibrations, well, we actually know quite a bit about them, that’s how we can use radio, satellites, solar powered devices, walkie talkies etc. but none of this translates into spirit science, which presents unfounded claims as if they are as valid as the aforementioned technologies above.

      I would disagree that I’m closed minded as well actually, I’ve actually looked through most of this stuff, considered all that I found and believed some of it before I actually came to a conclusion based on what seemed like the best answer. I’m sorry that spirit science didn’t hold up to my criteria for truth, but if that makes me pig headed go ahead and call me Babe.

      Thank you for your input,

      love and light,


    • June 11, 2013 at 4:23 pm —

  2. September 16, 2012 at 12:40 pm —

    Well I for one thought that it was a jolly good read. Keep up the good work!

  3. November 6, 2012 at 10:08 pm —

    Spirit science is a project made by a few friends that explore ideas that they find interesting and share them. These people are very nice and don’t ask you to believe anything but just ask that you keep an open mind. Granted these ideas might be out there but the point is they explain a lot and cannot be proven with modern science and are not necessarily disproved.
    After a little study I stumbled upon your article and as far as I can tell you just bash it with unwarranted hate. Its one thing to disagree but I felt your disagreement was overboard.
    I also read the comments and granted the first comment was a little hateful but I agree. Your reply was unsurprisingly sarcastic and rude. You also tried to make it sound like you have really researched these topics but your proof is very broad and generally unrelated. I also found it weird that a man who “believed” these things before could have no bit of sympathy and understanding for those who simply research these things.
    No matter if they are wrong or right the Spirit Science crew just wants to open people’s minds and make the world a better place; So why not focus your anger on things that are actually harming the world?

    • November 7, 2012 at 7:48 am —

      I’m sorry if I have offended but clearly we have a very different definition of harm. When you tell someone who’s miserable that their sadness is their own fault, is that not harmful?

      I think ‘[bashing] it with unwarranted hate’ is a little extreme, criticism based on the difference between fact and fantasy is not hate, and where I do get emotional I believe it is warranted.

      And as for the notion of whether these things are out of the realm of science, as far as frequencies and vibrations go, we have a pretty clear understanding of these concepts, and they do not equal what Spirit Science claims.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’ll be happy to reconsider my position if you give me reason to.

      • December 11, 2012 at 4:45 am —

        Ya know some things are true whether YOU believe them or not lol
        Even though you have decided chakras dont exist they in fact do. I sustained every single kind of abuse you can imagine in childhood. Systematic as well. I managed to become a productive member of society & be self sufficient but I did not understand “love” I learned survival but I had one mentally ill parent, wasnt given ANY tools.
        It is through life experience & illness that I was determined to heal without drugs & that in turn led me to the esoteric.
        I had to spend YEARS working to get my heart chakra opened! It was severely blocked & caused untold pain in my life. And I went along thinking it was abuse? ? Go figure.
        The feeling was insane! Absolutely insane! Literally felt it inside me like I got shot by a gun! I also had to work incredibly hard for a year & a half to leave my body.
        Self-esteem can only exist when you take the time to clear yourself of those things that no longer work, take pride in yourself & make a realistic plan to better your life/yourself. It is not a feeling of power over others, it is an acceptance of others, a feeling of power over your own life.
        Unlike the others here I kinda like your attitude, your arrogance, your skepticism because WE NEED DIVERSITY!! While I do not agree w/you I LOVE that the world is made up of individual souls! Each one is SUPPOSED to be different. So I just hope you open your mind a tiny bit more w/each year you reside in the physical vehicle you occupy now. Because some things are true whether YOU believe it or not :o) And the more bodies on this planet that ARE in touch w/each chakra in & around their body & ARE in touch w/the balance of energy or lack thereof inside themselves the better off ALL OF US will be!
        P.S. If you start to understand that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience & NOT the other way around you start to understand HOW your hardships are a result of your souls past actions. So while I know it sounds crazy to believe you are responsible for your own pain (tell someone who’s miserable their sadness is their own fault-harmful?) the moment I started learning, understanding, experiencing & opening those “ports” I started owning ALL of my pain. I own my fathers abandonment, I own the family I was given, I started to take responsibility & miserable-ness went away!
        Im living breathing proof it is NOT harmful to take responsibility for your own energy be it miserable or happy. Ever! And its NEVER to late to start :O)
        Im grateful for the SpiritScience folks & all the others out there like them helping to spread the news. Happy Holidays

        • December 11, 2012 at 8:41 am —

          I’m seriously glad that you managed to recover, but a lot of people don’t, and I don’t believe that it is a heart chakra that it causing people to feel repressed when abuse can be so vile. Being a victim of abuse yourself you must understand the misery it can cause, and although you may have found a solution in spirituality, that may not work for everyone, and you need to be considerate towards those who it doesn’t work for, because they do want to get better and blaming them for their own misery is the last thing that’s going to help them get there.

          I, for one, managed to get past bullying by taking control of my own life and stopping blaming myself for my misery. It’s anecdotal, but I was not to blame there, and understanding that (the opposite of what you seem to be recommending) was part of what led me to get my life back on track.

          One more thing, I fail to see the arrogance in what I wrote. I care about this stuff because it’s victim-blaming and it utterly denies what we know about reality. I don’t believe I’m a great person, I am by definition, average (if that), and I don’t believe that I’m a better person than the people who made the ‘spirit science’ series, although I do believe that the series they have made is both misleading and upsetting.

          • June 5, 2013 at 2:54 am

            Thank you so much, new agers are notoriously anti feminist I have noticed. The victim blaming is the most upsetting. As a sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome and possibly Idiopathic Hypersomnia I am extremely exhausted with very few options for treatment. I would NEVER choose this myself. I noticed pseudo science I meant alternative healthcare exploits how little is known about the disease by recommending bullshit treatments. I have heard of so many with this condition spend so much money on alt treatments like homeopathy not grounded in science. People with chronic health conditions are really exploited by quacks I personally will be very happy when they can finally make a drug for this condition despite all the haters of ‘Big Pharma’. It is really depressing because they sent me to an Integrative Care place my doctor that is and the nurse gives us a talk more about what they do there and somehow it got into this chemophobic bananas and pro organic FRAGRANCE IS POISON if they read The Beauty Brains their bullshit would have been destroyed. I was annoyed my time was being wasted by this crap that is not based on science stuff like ‘everything you put on your body goes on your face’ was repeated as was well we are fragrance free but natural fragrance are okay because natural is good. At least there is a real doctor there though. Its run by the regional health authority but I am not so hopeful after that. The other patients in there with me being lectured by the nurse were upper middle class professional type women and I feel like for them buying organic and ‘chemical free’ as if there was such a thing lol, gives them a sense of moral superiority. Sometimes I need to keep my skepticism to myself because people can be cruel but in a centre for chronic conditions that is a damn shame. I was surprised the nurse was repeating a lot of this non sense.

          • June 5, 2013 at 2:57 am

            Sorry meant ‘everything you put into your body goes into your bloodstream’

    • June 11, 2013 at 4:25 pm —

      Unfortunately, interest in ideas does not alter the truth value of those ideas. I find Game of Thrones interesting, but I do not pray to the seven gods.

  4. January 16, 2013 at 9:47 am —

    I think the point that is being made here is that you can’t just sweep proven scientific facts under the rug to make way for something else unless there is overwhelming evidence to support the new theory. In the absence of this evidence it is both fair and advisable for people to be critical of it. This is how science expands and gets fine-tuned.

    When a science paper is presented for viewing to the scientific community, it comes under heavy critique which to many would seem nasty. It is a necessary evil because without it the line between fact and fiction would become increasingly grey.

    This spirit science in my opinion is a new religion. Just like the religions of the past they have cherry-picked aspects of past religions and merged them with fresh ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that the team who created these videos is deliberately deceiving anyone. They probably sincerely believe this stuff. Although they tell people to check the information for themselves, in reality most will not do this. Many people will view these videos and believe them because they’re presented in a authoritative manner.

    This is why we need people to critique their ideas and make the critique visible to as many people as possible so that people question the validity of the claims.

    I am not saying that the material in spirit science is wrong or right, however anything with ‘science’ in the title should be susceptible to the same thorough critique and questioning as with any other scientific field.

  5. February 4, 2013 at 8:32 am —

    First off, congratulations for tackling a subject most people don’t have the patience to even approach. I have actually met these people face to face out of my own curiosity. I was familiar with their subject material myself and wanted to see if it was an educational group or a religion/cult. What I found was a manipulative and sad drug culture catering to those that wanted quick and easy answers. It reminded me of any church/cult that has ever says all the right things, but then does the opposite. It also reminded me of the 60’s. Their entire culture is based off of hallucinogens and having knowledge of hallucinogens. To see them talk down to others about not knowing certain types of mushrooms was astounding. SS attributes their altered state of consciousness to use of psychedelics, both earth made and synthetically made (well aware of the apologists for doing drugs and I believe we are free to do what we wish, but I do not condone telling kids they should also do drugs). The scariest part is how many young people they attract. It’s amazing to me to read so many positive comments, defending these people (Religios apologists are nothing new to our world), after seeing what they base their beliefs on.

    Every church has something to sell (To say that they don’t want your money is false, their website has been selling things since its beginning. They often are trying to sell “meditation,” cd’s to, in their words “help pay rent.” They also endorse T-shirts “infused,” with crystals that they hope to sell) So charging people for their knowledge, so that they can have a roof over their head is somehow enlightened? Again, I’m pretty sure the church/cult DOES actually have this down to a SCIENCE. If this was all so important why charge people anything? If oneness and unity were the essence of being how does money have a place in it? If crystals are healing agents why aren’t agents of healing passing them out in droves instead of charging money for them? Especially with our current healthcare issues, worldwide! Seems that if you want to separate yourself from the religions/cults of the world, this would be a really obvious start. It doesn’t cost money to talk, sing, meditate, pray, breathe, or dance but people continue to pay for them as if they have to. Humans are very strange sometimes.

    At face value it’s the new age movement (Non-Indians practicing Hinduism), without a caste system, combining a few South American-Indian ideas, but from a western point of view (which means multiple Deities, they are just named Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed rather than Krishna, Ganesh, or Shiva). The SS crew has a healthy respect for the ancient astronaut theory (Zacharia Sitchin is an obvious source) and sacred geometry (Math/Astrology have more of a history in our world than most mainstream religious works care to mention so I do appreciate their introduction of some of these ideas, they just lack the sources and seriousness to convey the proper tone). However none of this is “bad.” It just provides human’s with another choice or opportunity to learn something new. Organized religions/cults aren’t my thing, but that doesn’t mean you might not be into it. In my experience it just helps to KNOW about something as serious as what they are presenting and not just repeat some things I heard from a You Tube video.

    What is bad is what they are saying on the videos and how to achieve it, is not what they are representing or telling people in reality. You want to believe in what you want to believe, that’s cool but do it. Don’t say one thing and do the other, religions/cults have been doing that for all of time. They are celebrating the use of heavy drugs and attributing their knowledge to that. It’s cool, but the 60’s already failed with that approach. I get it, it’s fun to do drugs. The world would be a great place if everyone was on hard drugs though? I have a very hard time wanting to manifest that reality based on what I have seen hard drugs do too people over a long period of time, or short as it seems to be for hard drug users.

    Whether what they say is scientifically proven or not is really not the point of it (it’s a cartoon with no sources so to expect science because that’s what the title says, is probably why so many people follow it). The point is that people are still searching for something and have yet to find the answers. As much as people may think SS is asking you to look inside yourself, they want you to follow their doctrine the same as any group of people with an agenda (So they say Father Sky instead of God, how original). They see the opportunity to impart knowledge for a price (Price is relative as well, speaking of relativity. You can pay with money, life, integrity, etc.) and clients willing to pay. This has been our sad state since the beginning of organized religion. I’m not about to think a group of drug addled kids has the next best religion/cult, but I’m also not going to discount their might be something better out there, available to all of us, for no cost. If you talk about how unhealthy alcohol is but then post videos drinking alcohol it really negates your credibility. When I saw them as drunk as they were in real life, I realized how much of the videos were what they hoped others would see in them, but in no way at all was it who they actually were. At least not on the days we interacted with them.

    I had questions about SS and wanted to find out what these people were all about for myself, so I didn’t feel the need to defend or attack them. I wanted to KNOW the source and it was great because I wasn’t disappointed or disillusioned. I saw it for what it was and realize until people interact with them, it will just be what it seems on the internet. And maybe it will be what you are into! That’s cool because the world is full of religions/cults that do horrible horrible things to other people. These guys want to get drunk and high and talk about a better place? Cool, sounds a lot like college and college was fun. They aren’t waging a jihad on another country but be aware that the mind is a precarious place. Don’t be so willing to give it away to “the next best thing.” No religion ever started with a tank, it always started with an idea. That idea started to make money, so to did the need to defend that wealth.

    I will say this about SS (saying it hoping they follow their own advice one day), you can manifest a lot of wonderful things in this world. You can’t help it if you are born with autism. You can’t help it if you have MS (Thank you for sharing your point of view on how someone doesn’t really will themselves to have a disease like that) and are wheelchair bound. What you can do is something about it. The situation can be as bad as you want it to be, or it can be as good as you want it to be (in my travels I got to film a child who was stricken with autism, leukemia and down syndrome but was one of the happiest people I had ever met. His mom was the same incredibly positive person her son was. He was taken off chemo last week and continues to improve daily.)
    You can always DO something about what is happening in your life. ! Don’t Do acid and tell people you saw God because you sound like everyone else that did acid and saw God. Be you, love you and know that if you truly want an answer in this world, then you will go out and find it. If you don’t find the answer, change the questions. The only place I’ve ever found an answer was in the place I wanted to find it. I have no website or salvation to give anyone, just the hope that people see a bigger world out there and what we might be looking for, might not even exist yet, because we don’t think we are capable of creating it while waiting for someone to tell us what to see.

  6. February 8, 2013 at 1:50 pm —

    Thank everyone for keeping a great debate going, I am a fan of spirit science and the sciences and I fall somewhere in between. There are alot of things I’ve noticed people in this thread are not considering as contributing factors to life condition for example diet; someone suffering from “depression” there are alot of food factors that might contribute such as energy drinks that cause serious withdrawals other sicknesses can also be caused by GMOs etc. I feel that spirit sciences offers an organic perspective and way of life to those that are already open minded and for the most part free of mental and emotional abborations. For instance the creator o this thread clearly has something against spirit science that has little to do with spirit science and more to do with a personal distress and therefore adding sarcasm etc. and i do very much appreciate the efforts because spirit science needs more discussion and although yes, to a scientist it sounds like a load of bull we need to remember we in the US are composed of a majority population that belives in creationism and from that spirit sciences is a step forward… Even our law makers proclaim to belive in this weather they do or not. In this respect I value and relate to the author very much as I strive to a higher understanding and comparing and contrasting information.. However we must also remember motive, what motive could mainstream scientist have? Who funds them? Why do we assume that they don’t have a private interest? In addition it has been said that spirit itself can be debunked as well as counsiousness and that other realms even if they are real, could not be depicted us as it would break the laws of phiysics, science etc. BUT wouldn’t their very logic imply that they as humans couldn’t and and wouldn’t not be able to find spirit if they tried? Also last note Pshyciatry is more psudeo science than science as pills are perceived for the most part after conversations rather than blood test, brain scans etc.

    Thanks guys! I know I jumped around alot but I hope my points make sense

  7. March 19, 2013 at 1:02 am —

    I am simply appalled by the thing that are granted immunity to criticism just by saying “Here’s my idea” and “Have open mind”
    It just hurts to see so much pseudo science and superstition running amok now days, under the inane protection of “everyone has his/her own truth”.
    They do serious and direct harm in us maturing as a rational and reasoning society.

    We need to tolerate people’s idea, as in we need to give people freedom to say what they will say. But when they blurt idea utterly unsupported and unreasonable we need to rigorously criticize the said idea. Soft “oh you are right as well dear” approach might make people feel better, but will only serve to stray us from getting anywhere. Do you have a idea? then defend it with actual proofs and data. You don’t have any real proof? well then what made you to come up with the idea in the first place?

    Not every “idea” has right to be respected. Tolerated? yes, respected? no. If spirit science is going to make any sort of claim, they need to back it up with facts, not just feelings and superstitions. Which would be surprising since they can’t even get even the most well known and fundamental scientific facts right. I only managed to watched couple of their videos because I could not force myself to endure more statements like “Water is the only substance that we know to exist in all three states of matter”.

    This is exactly how superstition and idiocy spread. When we give pardons to all the asinine ideas on account of perspective and personal feelings and what not. Sure there may be more than one truth as is the case in many philosophical questions, or perhaps truth is something more concrete as is the case in most scientific questions. In any case we are not going to get to it by allowing ideas of a self deluding fools to stand amongst ideas that are actually supported and has value.

    In conclusion, have open mindedness and bring new ideas to the table, but only if the ideas derive from reasons. If not please, for the sake of humanity, shut the hell up.

  8. March 19, 2013 at 6:25 pm —

    Bonghah Kim, just because you have never had an idea in your life…

    What I mean to say is, it is people like you, who project thoughts like yours, that result in a world like yours, becoming reality. I can see you are angry, but why get angry with yourself when you choose to not understand? You aren’t even giving yourself a chance, just throwing yourself under the bus like that. Science is just a language, based off of math, based off of observation, based off of what is. Turn your devices off, and go outside, and observe. You have much to learn, and you will only understand, when you let it become a part of you, so that you may pursue it to the fullest. Teach yourself to learn, and you will be the one who no longer holds society back.

  9. April 2, 2013 at 10:54 am —

    First off I’d liked to say that I really like the spirit science series. I really do believe in alot of what they shared simply because of my spiritual nature. However, there are also some things that I do not agree with as well, including the use of hallucinogens and other drugs of this sort. I think if you want to have “spiritual” experiences, you need to be sober to ensure the experience is authentic. Thus, amungst a myriad of other reason that I won’t go into, I have never, and will never, smoke or drink. Further more, concerning money, I think it is irresponsible to not work and save up money like SS have sugested. If I were to go and do something costly like travel, I would like to have a stable financial plan set in place first. Not to say that you can’t travel and do things like this because they obviously did, but the simple fact is, I won’t be young forever and there is going to be a piont in time where I may not even be able to walk. I don’t won’t to be like 60 or 70 years old out on the street trying to sell crystals for a living.
    Also, I do not believe that everything in your reality is 100% your fault, concidering the simple fact that we are sharing this reality with many other beings, thus the universe bends to their will as well as yours. If I choose to punch a guy in the face just cause I decided to, and not cause of some insecurity or emotional imbalance, that guy just got punched in the face. Now, he might have been thinking, I am worthless and deserve to suffer, but, He might also have been completely in love with himself and the world around him and lets just say for arguement sake, he was perfectly in balance. None the less, he got jaw jacked. In this situation, I don’t believe it is his fault in any way. That just doesn’t make sense to me.
    If what I read above is true about mindfultraveler’s encounter with these people, I would like to say this. I HATE IT when people don’t practice what they preach. I also HATE IT when people try to discredit other’s discorveries, thories, and experiences because in the end, we just don’t know. Tomorrow, the Earth’s gravity could just give way and we could just be shot off into space. This may not make sense due to the laws of gravity we created and understand, but how the hell would our “knowledge” stop this from happening anyway? At the same time, If you say you think this is going to happen and don’t chain yourself to the ground, but tell everyone to do so, you just become a fool. Yes we should have an open mind, but we should also be logical and stand by what we believe in.
    I believe anything is possible in this universe, even things such as telekinesis and aliens and all sorts of scary things like that. You will never here me say that something is not real, but at the same time I will ask you why you believe in it and I will consider it.
    There is truth in everything. Religion, spirit science, science, ect. The best thing I can say about alll this is to pick and choose what you want to believe and be open to other possiblities. Do what you think feels right and do what you think makes sense. The last thing I would like to say is, I’m cool with anything wanting to make the world a better place. Even if these guys aren’t how they percieved themselves to be, at least you can take away something positive from their videos.

  10. April 9, 2013 at 1:23 pm —

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. Lately I’ve been looking into a bunch of different stuff and spirit science along with other religions and ideas have been my favorites ^^ I love hearing people’s opinions and thoughts on the subject it just makes me want to research and read more. .

  11. April 28, 2013 at 9:06 pm —

    Everything should be taken with a grain of salt people! If it doesn’t resonate with you, then move on! Everyone has their own lives. Yet we are connected — and we must respect rather than becoming hateful over another person’s opinions.

  12. June 2, 2013 at 3:26 pm —

    I thought the article was good at the start, then I saw the spirit science vid. Then I read your first 2 responses and I got kinda tired.

    If you had a way to point out specific areas in the vid to make your arguments that would’ve been cool, but just watching the vid kinda makes me watch more spirit science.

    I’ll bookmark and come back later to read your other points…

    • July 6, 2013 at 9:09 am —

      WOW what a lot od discussion this has brought about. It tells me that we are definitely interested nowadays how our world works and how we are a part of it.
      To all those that “believe” in the “true” science (what ever that is), I suggest admitting that we as a species have apperantly always felt at the peak of our development and our abilities at the time of writings such as these. I remember when it was considered heresy punishable by death to claim that the world was round and not flat.
      to truly understnad how we create our world is to truly comprehend that all things are thoughts prior to them being “realizeda’. A simple example is any building: Before a building is built, someone had the idea to do that, i.e. a THOUGHT. this thought was put into a plan, the plan into execution, and voila’ a building, road, city, etc. etc.. is realized or created and now considered a part of our “reality”.

      Our health, wealth, and life are really no different. If we are able to look past our petty egoistal planes of proposed existences, then we will recognize that the ideas presented by the SPIRIT SCIENCE crew, are not too far “out there”. Just because we do not have the equipment or ability to “prove” , measure, or “see” the concepts presented, does not mean that they do not exsit, rather simply we do not have the means or ability to measure them….yet. We were not able to “see” bacteria, or viruses some years ago, yet we recognized the effects of htese microscopic organisms.
      I took chemistry in School and loved it…I was able to compute pages upoin pages of empiric formulas and map out molecular connections of various atomic relations……without ever “seeing” one atom.
      I believed that I was acting scientifically and methodicl in my approaches…WOW….All on pure “faith”?. Here is where it gets “tricky”…I only agreed that I was acting in a scientific manner based on all other agreements made up to that point in my life and time of my existence….As we all choose to agree to this current “matrix” of our existence, it is how we create with our thoughts. It is leterally how we create our own universe that acts or reacts according to the agreements we make on a conscious but actually (this is the more dramatic part) subconscious level. Our subconscious mind does not recognize, differntiate, or care in what state of awareness we are in, yet it provides the possibilities and the recognition of opportunities to realize the thoughts presented to it. So be caeful what you wish for…it may (will) be granted….every tine we say “I am tired”, or “I am sick of this!”, or similar thoughts…. We shall receive what we ask for. So to introduce the concept of our suffering…. We actually agree to the suffering in this world. We agree individually to the suffering we experience by our focus on it. Every time we agree to watch the “NEWS” we agree with everyone else that watches the “NEWS”, to the spreading and realization of the horrendous information presented….. Since when did disaster, pandemics, catastrophies, etc…become “NEW’ and then “NEWS”? WOW…..
      Let that sink in a little…..I have more,,,,, for those willing to agree to achieving a perception beyond this current “MATRIX”… Who wants to take the “Red Pill”?

  13. July 6, 2013 at 9:14 am —

    Sorry about some of the spelling errors….they are not and were not intentional….My keyboard’s key stick here and there and my thoughts race past my dexterity and typing skills…. Apologies and gratitude to those who could find the ability to look past the form and focus more on the content….Pure water will taste as pure even if the glass is crooked or unevenly blown….

  14. August 1, 2013 at 11:13 pm —

    Thanks for writing this post, Edward. You make some excellent points about the dangerous and misleading side of a lot of the harmless-seeming new age ideas floating around these days. You’re absolutely right about the victim-blaming element. I wanted to point out another dangerous side of the “you create your own reality” idea, stemming from personal experiences. A number of years ago I spent some time living with a friend who was deeply involved in the Ramtha cult. The core beliefs of the cult are essentially what’s put forth in “The Secret” and “What the Bleep:” that we create our own realities based on the way we think, that our “vibrations” affect the vibrations of the universe, and that if we wish for something hard enough we can make it reality. It’s a philosophy with a lot of surface appeal; it gives people hope and a feeling of control over their lives. But at least in the case of the Ramtha cult, it hides a pretty ugly reality. In the small town where my friend lived, almost everyone was a member of the cult and paid exorbitant sums of money to stay involved in it. The cult leader owned many of the businesses and a lot of real estate in the town. I met people who were living six to a room in tenement-like buildings with no functional indoor plumbing, paying nearly all their income to stay active in the cult, and they were happy because they were, supposedly, learning how to create the reality they wanted in their lives. When I asked one girl whether this was really the reality she wanted, she said she was still learning how to manifest things, and she cautioned me against asking questions. One insidious aspect of this philosophy is the idea that you impede the flow of energy by asking questions and being skeptical. In reality– the physical, actual reality that we all inhabit– asking questions is the only way we can understand our surroundings. Any belief system that asks you to give up that basic, fundamental right is likely to end up in exploitation.

  15. December 31, 2013 at 8:28 pm —

    I totally agree with this review or what have you.

  16. December 31, 2013 at 8:30 pm —

    I don’t know how people sit through those rambling videos

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