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It can be hard out there for a skeptic. Really! There are so many false ideas swirling around. So much woo. So many willfully ignorant Facebook friends. It’s impossible for one person to combat it all. But luckily we live in the 21st century, which means we have the Internet. We can fact-check news stories and find some non-sensationalized science journalism. It can take some looking, but it’s there. Like an oasis of reason in a desert of madness, it’s there.

We’ve been having a discussion on the Teen Skepchick back channel about our favorite podcasts, and a lot of the usual suspects came up: Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Token Skeptic, Radiolab, among many others. But it’s a World Wide Web out there, guys. I know we’re all missing something.

Since you’re reading this, I think I can safely assume that you’re a consumer of skeptical media. What are your favorite podcasts or blogs (besides TS, of course).

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