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Conspiracy Behind The Creed: Assassins, Lady Gaga & Why You’re Blind

When it comes to the use of woo in video games you really don’t have to look far to see its reaches; whether unproven notions are being used as plot devices, game-play elements or just sprinkled throughout the story it’s generally forgivable, even when a man sitting on  a bridge in Pokémon Black/White asks you whether for every hundred psychic frauds there’s a real mindmonger out there.

Dowsing is a favorite of Nintendo, appearing in The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, and the concept of chi is used in its generous helpings throughout games that invoke ninjas and other forces that invoke that old ‘willpower magic’ thing. What is rare however, is seeing a real-life conspiracy theory woven throughout a game’s main plot. Ladies and gentlemen, The New World Order, apparently exposed for what it truly is by a series of video games about the descendants of assassin’s and templars!

At risk of  exhausting your tolerance for my Assassin’s Creed commentaries I’m here to discuss the conspiracy theory laden throughout the AC series, take a peek at its spread and whether its implementation lends itself to the franchise or threatens to pop it like an over-inflated, paranoid balloon.

The New World Order conspiracy theory is one of the great examples of the grand conspiracy: an widespread plot that involves many governments and many more people to keep their mouths shut, sometimes for generations. Undoubtedly, there are a couple of things that could explain skeptics dismissing the huge claims of this conspiracy theory. But are you, my dear skeptic, part of the conspiracy or just closing your eyes to the truth?

Of course if you were a famous figure such as say… Lady Gaga, or Jay Z, then of course you’d be part of the conspiracy. You’re in the public eye, you make triangles with your hands and you’ve said the words ‘new’, ‘world’ and ‘order’ separately in obscure stages of your career. You, my friend, are part of the conspiracy. Now go and wash that blood off your hands!

Of course, if you’re someone like me, blogging about how Assassin’s Creed isn’t real and how the disclaimer at the beginning of the game making it clear the work is fictional, means the work is fictional… well, you’re blind to the truth, as I was so passionately told when I blogged about this topic over on my personal blog.

For background, if you haven’t already clicked the Lady Gaga and Jay Z links above and discovered it for yourself; the New World Order has purportedly been working away for a couple of hundred years now, with its ranks including the Freemasons as well as many other public figures or groups whose dots join in the right way. The New World Order seeks to do the same thing that they do every night, try to take over the world! And they have been fighting for this by making significant cultural and historical breakthroughs while working in secret.

Now, if you take that in for a second you’ll realise an inherent flaw with this plan. Namely, that operating in secret doesn’t really lend well to partaking in activities that practically capture the attention of the entire world.

And if you’ll forgive me for my Pinky & The Brain reference you may continue to see parallels with this underground authoritarian order and numerous Saturday morning cartoon villains; the most striking being their inability to keep themselves from letting slip their plans to every single hero who comes to fight them. And whether it be Lady Gaga’s hand movements, the eyed pyramid on the US dollar bill, or, and this is my favorite part, displaying horned creatures that are obviously supposed to resemble Baphomet, (a goat-headed demon with prominent man-boobs that’s been bosom buddies with Lady Gaga, the Freemasons, and the AC-relevant Knights Templar) the NWO is constantly leaving its calling card, just to let everyone know about the secrets they’re desperately trying to keep.

And really, they wonder why some people are skeptical.

So, in the computer-generated and generally well-written world of Assassin’s Creed, the Knights Templar and The Assassins that fought against them have crossed generations up to the modern age, one constantly fighting for the New World Order to be instated and the other for it to be stopped. I think you can probably guess which way round the groups find themselves.

In Assassin’s Creed II specifically, it is revealed that in the universe of AC there are many historical events that can only be explained for their relevance by cultural figures possessing one of the apples of eden. These artifacts allow control of people around them, or at least they do when Ezio (the protagonist in 3 of the games in the series) uses them, although from the way that this supposedly allowed Gandhi to rise and Tesla to make his breakthroughs it seems more like the Pick of Destiny than the millennium rod.

I apologize wholeheartedly for those dated Tenacious D and Yu-Gi-Oh references by the way.

But while in the present the application of the enthusiastic numerology and the black and white motivations of some two-dimensional characters is quite obnoxious, it has quite the opposite effect in the story lines that take place in earth’s history. Ezio Auditore’s encounter with the Pazzi conspiracy that takes the lives of his family is heartbreaking and well-written, whereas Desmond Miles, the series’ protagonist in the present, seems to be stuck in the middle of a bad fan fiction that was accidentally written in to the main series.

When you add to this the fact that good vs evil is a theme that’s employed universally through fiction, the way the real lives of historical figures are woven into the fabric of conspiracy make for a nice lemon twist in the story’s already tasty direction (yes, it’s bad metaphor time again). In contention, in the present story line the most depth you get from a character on the side of the Templars is a good ‘grrrr’, and even that doesn’t seem sincere.

[image credits: vigilantcitizen, assassin’s creed wikia, illuminati-news]




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