Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Nat-ur-al Sel-ec-tion Edition

It’s important to expose young children to scientific concepts and critical thinking, lest they grow up to believe in UFOs and anti-vax propaganda. The CBBC (which I guess stands for Children’s BBC? Maybe?) produces a show called Horrible Histories, based on the popular book series. The title really says it all. It’s all about the messier parts of history.

I will admit that I haven’t really see the show so I can’t give it the official Mindy Seal of Approval, but if this week’s Awesome Sauce Music Friday tune is any indication, it’s pretty boss. The song is called “The Darwin Song” (or “The Evolution Song” if YouTube is to be believed). It’s the story of how Darwin developed the theory of evolution in the style of David Bowie. (I KNOW!)

I can’t keep it from you any longer. So enjoy, and happy Friday!

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