Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! The Universe is in Us Edition

You guys, I need to start out with an apology. I missed the latest Symphony of Science. I know, I know. It’s unacceptable. I usually try to post those either on the blog or on our Tumblr, but I totally spaced.  But luckily that means we can use it today to help usher in your weekend. So…you’re welcome.

This week’s awesome sauce song is titled “We Are Star Dust.” Neil DeGrasse Tyson and others help us appreciate our place in the universe. Kind of wonderful and awe-inspiring. Enjoy!

Want more music? Check out Lab Tracks on Mad Art Lab!

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  1. June 1, 2012 at 12:04 pm —

    “…but I totally spaced”
    you’re punny!

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