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Here in South Africa we have a grilled chicken franchise by the name of Nando’s.  If you have not had the good fortune of having a meal there please do so for I understand they are also available in the USA and the UK. To be honest though it is not only their meals but particularly their ad campaigns that are superb!

At times they are naughty…very naughty but the common factor is that you will always end up with a good laugh. Their ads are always relevant to whatever is happening in the country or world at the time and besides selling good food they tend to make one think a bit.

During the 2010 Soccer World Cup we hosted:

Their current TV ad touches on the very serious issue of Xenophobia and racial diversity in South Africa and makes a particularly good point. If not for foreigners we would be scarcely populated. For those that do not know we have 11 official languages which should indicate the great variety in our rainbow nation. Xenophobia has been a major hurdle here recently and has caused much harm to many innocent people. The sad thing is that even if it dies down for a while it has a way of flaring right back up again. To read more about actual incidents you can go here.

However we can always trust Nando’s to make a positive yet still funny statement of their stance on Xenophobia.

The cool thing about this campaign is that they are using it to bring soup kitchens to areas where Xenophobia has affected the populace. One can even volunteer to be part of this program at the “Souperstars” site. Way to go for getting the community involved!

10 Points to Nando’s

 PS: There seems to be a debate around banning the ad at the moment as it is considered too Xenophobic. I really hope they don’t as I think it makes a very strong and valid point.

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