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Quick Hit: Feminist Frequency

For those of you who do not compulsively follow internet news (ahem, not that I do–I work 8 hours a day), you may not be aware of the Feminist Frequency videos and the violent reaction they have caused in the gaming and comic book communities.

Anita Sarkeesian has made several wonderful, educational youtube videos that take a critical look at portrayals of women in the media, especially in television, movies, and comic books. I can’t recommend her enough! I’ve embedded one of my favorites below.

When I entered college, I had a mostly negative view of feminists–they seemed to be shrill, angry, and unreasonable. I no longer hold this opinion, but I never quite figured out where that idea even came from. The Feminist Frequency video made me realize that a huge part of this opinion was based solely on whatever I had gleaned from television and movies. (The other part of the opinion was formed by frequenting BBSes that still marveled over the presence of any female on the internet.)

That’s why I’m completely in support of the next project from Anita Sarkeesian–a new web series about stereotypes and tropes that limit female characters in video games. She exceeded her original Kickstarter goal by a huge margin, with the current total over $52,000, and is now adding more videos to the series and developing a classroom curriculum for this very topic.

However, it turns out there is a vehemently vocal opposition that believes this is a terrible thing. [Severe language warning and trigger warning for the following links: wikipedia harassment, youtube harassment.] I’ve read through some of the hateful comments, and they leave me convinced that her project is more necessary than ever.

Make your own informed opinion: watch the videos, start discussions, and promote them if you find them useful!

Featured image: Lego Friends, a product targeted to girls taken down by one of the Feminist Frequency videos.

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