Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Crack for the Nerds Edition

You’ve waited all week, and now it’s here. IT’S AWESOME SAUCE MUSIC FRIDAY! Put on your geek hats. It’s time to roll.

The second season of “Game of Thrones” ended a couple of weeks ago, and I know I feel an empty space in my heart. I haven’t read the books. I’ve been urged to, but the pace at which the books come out makes me wonder if the story will ever end. But, dang it, if that show isn’t addictive as hell. Looks like I’m going to be left waiting just like all those poor schmucks who wait (im)patiently for years for the next book.

Paul and Storm understand this. They want George R.R. Martin to finish this story! They want it so much that they wrote a song about it. The well-known Twitter enthusiasts plead with Martin to write! Write like the wind! Finish the story before Quetzalcoatl returns on December 21!


Until the next season/book, we’ll have to be sated with music about how annoying the whole situation is. Enjoy!

Want more music? Check out Lab Tracks on Mad Art Lab!

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