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Scotland Is Gay!

So in the last couple of weeks there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle in Scotland. Well, there’s been a lot more than that actually, because in the process of making gay marriage legal (can I get a collective whoop?) everyone’s favourite Scottish cardinal, Keith O’Brien, has been making headlines by begging various authorities in both Scottish government and the churches with large influences there, to stop trying and keep gays unequal.

What a bloody nice guy.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a stupid thing to do.

I don’t need to tell you, I’m sure, that Catholics deserve much more than being represented by the bigots that unfortunately seem to be proliferating the higher echelons of the church.

What I need you to tell me, is why some Catholic officials are clinging onto the most archaic aspects of their religion, promoting lies about condoms and homosexuality throughout the world, while refusing to promote the aspects of their religion that actually draw people into the church and make people feel welcome within it.

Why is it that’ love your neighbour’ is being suppressed in favour of taking stands against the otherwise orientated?

Why is it that ‘turn the other cheek’ is being suppressed in favour of taking stands against methods that could prevent the spread of AIDS in strongly Catholic countries that are suffering?

And why do I get the impression recently that the Catholic church is getting increasingly desperate when it comes to the more archaic segments of its doctrine, the parts that are slowly drifting away from the mainstream because, let’s face it, they’re outdated?

Things change, in these cases things are changing for the better, and the fact that these changes are being suppressed despite their contradictions with a love of others suggests to me that if anything this cardinal isn’t fit to represent Christians, because almost by definition he isn’t a true Christian. He holds so strongly to one, archaic piece of dogma that he defies the others that are the ones the church should be holding onto, promoting and striving towards.

I’m glad that Alex Salmond, as Scotland’s first minister, is resisting these criticisms and going through with these plans, and I’m so glad that Scotland, and Britain in the bigger picture, is resisting these petty complaints; but the fact that someone can be so driven against the rights of others really grinds my gears, especially when they’re head of a large section of an international organisation that insists in every continent it stretches its tendrils into that it is a force for good.

Okay, that sentence was a bit of a mouthful but I think you get my point.

I think a lot of the time British people assume that institutional homophobia is a phenomenon that we’ve moved past, a phenomenon that still lies unashamedly in more theocratic countries and in countries like the USA where there are very influential sects of the political system that openly deny that homosexuality isn’t something you choose to do.

But every country has its bad and its good, a fact that if we all accepted (something that I personally believe extreme patriotism actively suppresses) that this was the case, we might just be able to do a better job of finding the places where bigotry resides in our society, and therefore we might just have an easier job of raising awareness and spreading a message of equality rather than bigotry in the name of tradition and scripture.

Sorry Catholic church, I know that I once belonged to you, and technically according to at least one section of the Bible I always will (at least until the Pope reads this and I get excommunicated) but you’re wrong, and when you’re wrong, you admit it and move on.

Consider these please, for me?

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