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Speak Your Mind: Appreciating People Who Teach Things

Do you smell that? Take a big whiff. You know what that is? It’s freshly sharpened pencils, because it’s back to school time.

What’s that? Oh, everyone takes notes on their iPads nowadays? Huh. Must just all be in my head. But you guys still have teachers, right? Teachers who teach things?

These past few months has really driven home for me what a privilege it is to work with a good teacher. Teaching myself physics after a 10 year break has been challenging, and I don’t think I would have been able get as far as I have without a lot of help. To say that having someone at hand to answer specific questions and work through problems is helpful is an understatement. It’s essential. A textbook is great, but it’s no substitute for someone who knows what they are talking about.

I’ve been through many teachers in my lifetime. Some were really excellent – like my high school debate coach and my undergraduate Constitutional law professor – and others, well, weren’t. But those teachers I loved made a big impact on my life and gave me the confidence to know that I could learn whatever I wanted. That’s pretty significant.

Who are those teachers for you? Do or did you have a teacher who instilled in you a life-long love of learning?

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  1. September 26, 2012 at 2:22 pm —

    Mrs. Clay

    She was the guidance counselor in my 1-5 elementary school. And she did lots of science themed activities with the classes. She even had a Dolphin Puppet that would “help”.
    And then when I went to giddle school, she was my 6th grade (and also first) Biology teacher.
    I think that class turned my love of nature (Before this time that meant going into the woods or to a creek and just seeing what I could find/catch.)into an actual love of science. She will always hold a place for me because of that… Also, she still owes me a bag of lemon Jolly Ranchers for getting an A in her class. So if you are out there Mrs. Clay, pay up.

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