Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: Looper

As a big fan of sci-fi I find it depressing that there’s often not even one really good sci-fi movie released each year. Looper, despite being a little overrated, is this year’s good sci-fi release. With very few downfalls this movie was freaking aaaamazing.

Title: Looper
Director: Rian Johnson
Actors: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This movie has been getting a TON of hype – at least here in Toronto. I usually go into hyped up movies super skeptical and end up hating them (maybe just to be sooo cool). But this film… was a hit on pretty much all accounts.

It’s the future and time travel has been invented, but it’s illegal. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a super awesome hit man who is tasked with an unfortunate hit.

The negatives:

Emily Blunt did a great job but her character and story line in the end didn’t seem to fit the rest of the movie. It gave ME a much welcomed break from all the violence and BOOM BOOM BOOM of the movie, but it just didn’t seem to flow 100%.

The BOOM BOOM BOOM… that I mentioned… well there is a TON of senseless violence. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to like this sort of entertainment a lot less. I’d rather be forced to think and sit there confused (good confused) watching a story unravel rather than watch a lot of killing. Just… too much violence.

It’s a time travel movie… so there are some holes and bumps in the road, but I think this is to be expected. It didn’t ruin the movie for me.

The positives:

The acting is incredible. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect. His character is so intensely honest and believable that it’s just incredible to watch. You get completely lost in his acting. Bruce Willis is his good ol’ self and Emily Blunt blew me away. I just watched the Four Year Engagement and thought she was soooo horrible to watch but she totally nailed this roll.

The plot is completely unpredictable and keeps you enthralled through the entire 2 hours. This movie does not feel like it’s 2 hours long. The time flies by.

The premise, the ideas and the philosophy in this movie are so interesting and unique. Is time travel a bad thing? What would we do if we could travel though time? Should we go back and kill bad people? Should time travel be illegal? What happens if someone from the present is killed in the past… do they stop existing? As skeptics we love these ideas about time travel and alternate universes, and this movie fills that desire and our curiosity about it. Awesome.

Despite the violence the movie really does slow down once in a while to explore deeper themes of love, loss, sacrifice and regret. The plot is impeccably done to make it constantly exciting but still meaningful.

This was a super solid movie. I love a movie that has a unique premise and good acting… it’s few and far between these days. I was really happy I took my day off to see this with friends – I recommend that you all do the same!

4.5/5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis babies.

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