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Speak Your Mind: Politics and WoW

You may have seen this story on Skepchick’s quickies a couple weeks ago: Colleen Lachowicz, Democratic senate candidate from Maine, has been targeted by the state’s GOP for playing World of Warcraft. Specifically, she made some remarks on the forums have called into question her ability to make real-world decisions.

The comments that seem to be in the spotlight reference using her character to stab things. Lachowicz plays a rogue–a class which wields daggers and stabs things. A screen-cap of her Orc toon is being used to inflame the public against her.

As you can see, this rogue is a super-scary-violent Orc. </sarcasm>

In short, my dear readers, I would love to know what you think:

Do you think actions in video games reflect on a person’s real-world personality? Does playing WoW jeopardize a person’s ability to make serious decisions? What’s your favorite game to lose yourself in?


Images from mainegop.com and capped from techland.time.com


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