Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension Of Disbelief: Silent Hill Revelation

There aren’t really that many video game movies floating around, and that’s probably with good reason, because for the most part they’ve sucked. Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and the like have received little more than scorn from the hardcore fans of their respected game franchises, but when I heard that the original Silent Hill movie broke that trend, I thought this might be worth checking out. Also, it has Kit Harrington in it, so obviously I was going to watch it. Also, spoiler alert.

Now, according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, this film was loosely based on the events of Silent Hill 3, but there were obviously a few changes made. Jon Snow, I mean Kit Harrington’s character was apparently an older man in the games, and obviously that’s not true for the young actor. Also, sequences that would have been entirely action-based in the game were replaced with questionable scenes that undermined the danger every minor character in the movie was insisting was just around the corner… mostly because apparently the villain just needs a hug, and I literally mean, they needed a hug.

Although I mostly enjoyed the movie, I never expected much out of it, and I think that’s why I wasn’t as disappointed with it as the other people I watched it with. The whole thing seemed to be leading up to a climax that never happened and the obligatory Pyramid Head appearances, which were about as good as the movie got, didn’t really do justice to the character, making him more like a Pokemon you can summon to fight for you and then will just bugger off back into his pokeball than the lumbering monster the directing implied that he was.

Also, Sean Bean lived to the end of the movie, and that’s pretty much what the revelation in the title comes down to. Sean Bean is allowed to survive, not just one movie, but two movies in a series. What has this world come to when an actor known for kicking the bucket is allowed to live to see another day?

Still, I didn’t dislike it. It was never truly scary, but I don’t really expect that from horror movies on default, and some of the not-quite-climaxes did look awesome as hell, but there was a sense when the film ended that it wasn’t quite over, and despite the fact that the story threads were tied up it felt as if only half a story had been told, and I’d really like that other half because it was what the whole of that first half felt like it was leading up to.

For those of you wanting something fun and aren’t too bothered about the lack of stimulation in a film, I’d still recommend this. I really liked the initial build up and the disappointing parts of the movie could have been salvaged with some better writing, a decent fight scene and some further explanation as to what the hell happened after the epic hug-off.

I give this movie 3 Pyramid Heads out of 5.

[image credits: silent hill wiki, rotten tomatoes

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