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Speak Your Mind: Laterz, Twenty-Doz!

Ah, good to see you’ve survived the winter holiday of your choice in one piece and are now back to your normal, everyday routine of blog-checking and time-wasting. We’ve missed you. But you’ve come back to use just in time. This is the last Speak Your Mind of 2012!

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that my RSS feed is full of “best of 2012” listicles. I thought about writing some kind of post myself. But then I thought, Hey! What do I know? I should ask our brilliant and insightful readers. So that’s what I’m going to do.

What are your “best of 2012” lists? What is your favorite scientific discovery? Most underrated story? Favorite meme? What made 2012 stand our for you? What do you hope will happen in 2013?

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