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Speak Your Mind: Obligatory Resolution Question

Whelp, it’s a new day and a new year. How’s it feel? Twenty thirteen looks good on you.

I hear that, around this time of year, people have a tendency to make resolutions. I guess in an attempt to make better people of themselves. I don’t know. I don’t have a very good track record with New Years resolutions. Although, if you look at my resolutions from last year, 2012 was a pretty successful year. No, I didn’t read 5 biographies, but if I’m honest that probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.

My resolutions for this year are as follows:

  1. Rock trigonometry’s face off
  2. Keep learning physics.
  3. Eat healthier. (Not lose weight. Just replace one of my slices of pizza with a vegetable.)
  4. Watch more QI.

OK, I’ve told you mine. Now it’s your turn.

What are your 2013 resolutions, if you even make them? Do you keep them or is it more of an aspirational thing? Do you have any good recipes for black beans?

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